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In a world where no one guarantees results.


Develop an ELITE Mindset, Boost Productivity, Create Additional Income Streams, and Increase Your Networth Consistently

Results Our Clients Receive

We let our program do the talking for us.

I chose the testimonials from Thomas, Destiny, and John not because they are the most upbeat,

but instead because they give you a decent idea of what it’s like to work with me and what you can expect.

I honestly believe that this is the most accurate reflection of what is ahead for you, and I am confident that after working with me, you will say something equally as nice.

This is just the start of what this curriculum has in store for you…

We get it.

You want to start acting like a REAL CEO not an employee

You want more free time

You want to be able to work from anywhere in the world

You Want to Earn F*ck You Money Like Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall St

And unless you were born rich I’m telling you right now, investing in every new stock/crypto that is “Going to the Moon!” is NOT going to get you anywhere..

Dear Friend

When I was working on my first business, I became obsessed and ultimately overwhelmed by the advice of all these “gurus” online.

There always seemed to be something keeping me from getting to the bigger picture. A stroke of luck that would get me to the top.

And if I’d only keep watching their content, listening to calls, and attending masterminds everything would be clear.

But I was wrong. Luck is only 10% of the game. The other 90% is hard work and discipline.

There really is a way out.

Here’s The Truth

So, if you too feel overwhelmed by the advice of these so-called “gurus”…

if you’re tired of hearing “this is not real financial advice”…

if you TRULY want to become financially free…

Then this message is for you.

the good news, and bad news

Stop Chasing The Next Best "10X" - You're just making it worse!

What most people do when starting to invest, or starting a business is trying every new shiny strategy that comes along.

Investing in companies you don’t understand, and looking for a “Golden Opportunity.”

Going for that “Quick sale” or “Quick pump“. Spoiler: It’s not going to work.

Following the newest Trends like investing in NFTs, Forex, Cryptos because Instagram told you to..

…the list goes on and on. And of course, none of that BS works! (pardon my french)

Look, building your assets without following a process gets you nowhere. If this is where you want to be – quit reading. If not, here’s how you can do it – and it works every single time!

You Can Keep Watching YouTube Videos and Joining Facebook Groups, OR...

I’m sure you already know that viewing YouTube tutorials or joining Facebook groups won’t help you get started.

But I’ve got a strategy that works.

And I got a lot of questions about how I do it and if I could do the same for them!

I’d been too obsessed with my own self-improvement.

But I’ve solidified my processes and for the first time, the answer is:

Yes, I can help a small handful people…

The Secret Is


Wealth creation is simpler than you think

After building many six and seven figure portfolios and businesses….

We’ve found a straightforward process that works in almost any niche.

It’s the same procedure we use whether we establish a new business for ourselves or for our clients.

It’s the strategy that will help you earn $5,000, $10,000, and eventually $20,000+ every month. Allowing YOU to become a high performer.

For the first time, we’re allowing a select group of individuals to join us and follow our blueprint.

Here's What the HPA Program Looks Like

Our course is divided into 3 sections:

5 Pillars of High Performance Framework: This is the foundation. We cant build on something that doesn’t have a solid base

Digital Entrepreneurship Workshops: The world we live in has completely turned upside down in the last 10 years. Lets face it, if your business does not have a GOOD online presence, you’re probably already out of business. In the HPA we consult you on implementing the most innovative strategies to generate 6-8 figures online.

Financial Literacy Care Package: You ever hear of the superstar/lottery winner who went bankrupt? Yea .. thats because they didn’t know how to KEEP & GROW the money they acquired. We got you covered

Stock Market Mastery: This is where you will learn how the professionals invest their money .. This is the information that will set you apart from everyone else.

The 5 Pillars

Build the foundation

Obtain a deep understanding of your purpose so you can identify your “Why” and operate through Inspiration.

Increase your conscious awareness to a point where your intuition is stronger than 95% of the world.

Develop a deeper connection with the world around you.

Learn to control the most powerful force which directly influences your actions, Emotions. Everyone is influenced by them, and it’s how YOU can truly get ahead.

Maintain your Divine Machine (Physical Body) so you can operate at a state of peak performance at all times

Understand how to acquire, sustain, and grow your money in order to achieve financial freedom and build lasting generational wealth.

5 / 5

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Frequently Asked Questions

A better financial position, more happiness, more fulfillment, discover your higher purpose, and mastery in all areas of your life.

If you want true evolution and growth, you must master all areas of your life. I’ve done the heavy lifting for the past 2 years consolidating and synthesizing the common habits and ways the wealthy think. From starting to earning over 6-figure since 22 years old, I am on this journey to share my wisdom, with you and beside you – to allow you to thrive, not just financially but in every area of your life. We do this through the 5 Pillars of High Performance.

Your environment is one of the main factors that will breed your success and evolution, which is why we only work with impact-driven, change seekers, who want to evolve in all areas in their lives – who are committed to living an abundant life – and are willing to put in the work required to manifest this transformation. HPA is for those who want MORE out of their life, and refuse to settle for anything less.

This is not for “quick fix”, “magic pill” seekers, “get-rich quick” fanatics or anyone who is looking for the easy short-cut path. So if you are looking for the easy path, this is not for you. This is the path, that is required .. you have to work to build the life you want. If you are ready to put in the work, and have a bulletproof network of High Performers surrounding you holding you accountable and helping you grow in all areas of your life, then this is for you

Experience the entire 5 Pillars of Evolution through an immersive and highly collaborative program with myself Oliver “Positivity Chef” Brito and the rest of the Community of High Performers – to become the best version of yourself across your 5 domains of Emotion, Physical, Motivational, Spiritual, and Financial.  

Weekly calls to share exact strategies that can be used for you to achieve more financial success, happiness, and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to expand every area of your life and evolve into the highest version of yourself?

Nothing should stand in your way, which is why this experience is 100% virtual through a mixture of group coaching calls, as well as access to the video library of recorded training lessons, resources, checklists, and worksheets to download and/or print etc. – All available 24/7 in your membership area.

You will also be immersed into a highly-interactive Discord network of like-minded High Performers all implementing the same strategies into their lives. You will never feel alone, and are always surrounded with people who care about your success.

If this sounds like you, Apply to join HPA and tell us why you’re a good fit.

5 / 5

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